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We started LedgerNow because managing a supply chain isn’t easy, and that’s the case even when you’re running a small business. By the time that you start to look at larger national and international companies, the supply chain starts to look less like a chain and more like a web, full of interconnectivity and riddled with inefficiency.

As an incorruptible digital ledger, LedgerBow could effectively store records for every product. It would add to its record every time a product changed hands, storing data such as who purchased it and for how much. Imagine a permanent history for every single product that would follow it from when it was made to when it was packed, shipped, displayed and sold.

I’d love to hear whether you think LedgerNow makes data much more interoperable. Companies could more easily share information with manufacturers, couriers and other suppliers and vendors. This increased transparency can help to reduce delays and disputes, and it can also prevent shipments from getting stuck in the middle of nowhere. You can’t really lose them if they’re tracked in real-time.

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