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Sea Cucumber Against Cancer

This article is part of the #PelangiDiLautan : Welfare program for smiles at sea

This program is a collaboration between several blockchain-based companies to introduce and explore sea cucumbers more broadly, improve the standard of living and welfare of fishermen, and commit to realize a better economic ecosystem.

The writings in the #PelangiDiLautan program are inspired by the experience carried out in the Saumlaki area, West Southeast Maluku. However, some characters, characters, events, locations and dialogues are fiction and are arranged dramatically to make it more interesting. If there are similarities in the names of characters, places of events or stories, it is merely a coincidence and there is no element of intent

Sea cucumbers are one of the species of marine animals that are rarely known by the public. This marine animal is rarely consumed because of the lack of public interest in this one animal. But who would have thought Sea Cucumbers have turned out to be diverse for health. Sea cucumbers have always been consumed as a healing medicine and for beauty. Because indeed this Sea Cucumber contains a variety of healthy nutrients and vitamins. 

Sea cucumbers are rich in protein, amino acids, collagen, omega 3 and 6. Besides sea cucumbers contain Cytotoxins, this is one of the chemical cells that killer T cells use to destroy infected cells, which can help destroy cells cancer. 

By consuming sea cucumbers regularly, you have started to prevent cancer cells for the body. At present it is very difficult to maintain a healthy eating pattern because of the large amount of junk food spread that is the choice of today’s society. With unhealthy eating patterns and unattended lifestyles, we now encounter teenagers who are already vulnerable to dangerous diseases. This is because modern food consumption is not healthy. Even for consuming fish, many people use canned fish which certainly does not have fresh nutrition that is good for health. 

Sea cucumbers that are rich in properties will be very good for the health of the body. Cancer cells that grow without us knowing will be very dangerous if there is no prevention early. Consuming drugs in handling health continuously will backfire for other body organs. 

Sea cucumbers are one of the smart choices in dealing with cancer in a healthy and enjoyable way. Sea cucumbers that can be processed with various other types of food will certainly provide a delicious sensation when eating it with hot rice. 

Sea cucumbers can be consumed raw or dried. People used to consume sea cucumbers in a raw, mixed with seafood spices to give a taste, consuming sea cucumbers in a raw way would certainly provide nutritional benefits that are 2x more influential because of their fresh nutrition. 

Sea cucumbers are now a little hard to find in markets because of the small number of sea cucumber enthusiasts. Yet with the increasing number of requests for sea cucumbers will be able to spread the efficacy of the entire community at large. Due to the low demand of sea cucumbers by the wider community, the price of sea cucumbers becomes 2 times more expensive, but for some people the price of sea cucumbers is worth the benefits that are 10 times more beneficial for future health. 

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